Genshin Impact: How To Beat BAAL (F2P Friendly)

With the new update, a new story quest started and while I was having fun I did not expect to go head to head with Baal so soon. Now as soon as I started the 1st challenge my characters died in 3 seconds, and it took me around 5 tries to finally damage her enough for the story to continue.

I read through other blogs and at best they said, hit a quarter of her HP and it’ll be over, but even with Diluc and Beidou I just couldn’t hit her without each of them dying. They also said you need the Main because she disables the other character’s vision, but my Main died before the 1st round.

So how did I beat Baal? With the shiny strong characters? Nope, I beat her with Noelle! My girl had her shield as protection and her hits for damage and soon we got through it together even with her vision disabled (and lots of food for backup)~

Of course we are not “beating” Baal, but we survive long enough until the story goes by~ I wonder if she’ll be that strong when her banner comes? I could barely

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