Genshin Impact: Never Ending Battle, It’s a Total FAIL

In Genshin Impact‘s last update they introduced a new challenge, the so called never ending battle, but there’s a trick, it’s timed so technically it is not a never ending battle.

But the worst all, it’s SO HARD! I read a few blogs on the “perfect team” but no matter what I couldn’t get more than +1000! and I couldn’t even get that in the 5th and 6th battles. No matter the team and no matter how much food/potions I took pre game, and I tried so many different combinations.. Another great team includes, Yanfei and Klee + Diluc and Beidou.

And even though I found a great team combination, and I tried each at least 20 times, I realized, the rewards aren’t worth it! I can get the rewards for the 2000 points easily with the Ley Line Outcrops for just 20 Original Resin or 1 Condensed Resin and they take half the time we need to spend on this new “Never Ending” battle.

So in the end, it took me the whole run to realize I just wasted my time and food on 30000 mora..

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