Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Best Team

Soon after I started playing Genshin Impact I got caught on Floor 7 of the Spiral Abyss challenge, ie the fatui nightmare! So I started building up my 2nd team more, I leveled up Kaeya -my only Cryo user- and Barbra – until I suddenly got Xingqiu. The biggest unexpected surprise though was getting Diluc, he was like the final cherry on top~ But still even with the leveled up characters, their leveled up weapons and their leveled up artifacts I still kept loosing and loosing and loosing. I farm fatui for Ningguang for fun, and I beat them in a matter of seconds, but that abyss challenge was so hard I just couldn’t get past it, even after 10 tries until I found this perfect team -I also just noticed I removed Ningguang xD

Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Best Team

In the 1st round I needed Noelle as a shield and a healer, Yanfei to fight off Cryo, Kaeya to fight off Electro and Fischl to fight against the annoying Hydro fatui! I tried to use my Beidou but soon I realized she was more useful in the 2nd team.

So for the 2nd team I went with Barbra and Xingqiu to fight against the Pyro, Diluc against the Cryo and finally my hidden ace Beidou as the final blow against each fatui, more importantly the last Hydro one that killed me several times with Fischl in team 2.

And with this I found my perfect team that helped through my long battle against the 7th floor~ Hopefully as time passes and I reach higher levels with each character I can go back for revenge and the 3 stars xD

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