How To Start A Blog, For Beginners

Reading through How To blogs about blogging day after day it feels like everyone jumps too hastily to the “big” picture.

It’s like you don’t learn a new language before learning the alphabets, but everyone has list after list on what to do and how to do them and it’s overwhelming.

Almost two weeks in and I’m getting the hang of this. I now know how to separate content into categories, how to make those categories a “page” and how to use the different types of editing plugins.

I did face a problem with that when I couldn’t find any content in my “child categories” pages, but it turns out, you just go to Dashboard, Settings, Permalink and remove the ( . ) from Category base. Imagine being clueless on coding, that was so confusing and I got it by luck xD

For starters I gave up on boldgrid and I chose a wordpress theme called Shopstar! By Out the Box because one day I plan to make this a business with products.

For some reason I seem to have 3 SEO optimizer and each is different, but that’s a subject for later.

Right now I’m using elementor to edit posts and I’m finally used to it, though I’ll forever be the most comfortable with MyDramaList‘s easy article section, elementor seems more blog friendly than wordpress‘s normal one. Though I wish the text editing for elementor was not a small screen on the side.

My next step is to figure out how to make people read and visit my blog ^^


I also need to see how my dreams of design fits into this. This is my journey~

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