How to Blog for Dummies, How I Started A Blog

I have been studying about blogs for a few months now, I keep reading other blogs and watch youtube videos, but I always prefer to do something myself rather than just read it. I never read game tutorials and I just learn the rules as I play and make mistakes, so I thought what better way to learn about blogging than to start the blog.

But boy was I wrong. This is so hard, there are so many rules, so many categories and so many subcategories. I’m so confused, it’s like all my life was wasted on studying trivial things, they should’ve taught us how to start a business online and offline, how to use technology and how to promote yourself.

I have a clear vision, I want a section to review everything becasue I love evaluate stuff. I want a section to show my products and one day sell them, I want a place to write my articles and I wanted a place to share my mom’s recipes. But everything is so confusing, even designing the initial blog is so stressful. When I 1st installed wordpress in DreamHost, they gave me a theme from boldgrid and I’m still confused about it.

The 1st thing I noticed was that their template site was fully loaded with other people’s information, the Home page, the About Us to the Contact Us. It didn’t feel like a sample, I’m still not sure how to fix the Home page.

As a startup I used wpbeginner‘s free wordpress blog setup and it did help a lot, and they send a lot of information but I feel stuck on the basics.

If I want to review different topics should I make Categories and Child Categories or should I add new titles to the menu? How do I remove the setup in Home, or should I just leave it that way? If I write a post and choose a category, does it show in different pages or does it show in the blog page? What is H2 and H3?

Turns out I know nothing because this was in the reviews page but it didn’t show until I moved it to the Blog category.

So many questions, I’ll figure out as I go along. But my 1st lesson on how to blog is, stop reading and start making that blog. Stay tuned for pt.2 and I might learn something.

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