How To Paint On A Denim Jacket (EXO LOGO)

I talked about Mirror/Glass painting in another post and I mentioned how I wanted to try painting on a denim jacket, so in this post I shall list down my experience.

I thought it’d be easy but boy was I wrong. I did have brief experience before but this was on a larger scale, for one I wanted to draw my interpretation of EXO’s LOGO, and on the other hand, I’m not really that good at floral art, it feels easy but whenever I draw a flower I remember my art classes from when I was 6 xD

For this, the 1st step was drawing the lines with a pencil. And honestly, getting the shape straight was so hard, especially since the fabric is so wrinkled.

I faced my 1st problem as I drew the line continuously when I should’ve stopped because I couldn’t see the points xD

Then I started using a pen. But that caused my last problem because it seeped into the edges. I had to rewash the whole jacket to whip them off. Another problem I faced was the fabric paint. I 1st used a white base then I used pink, purple and green, I also mixed each with white for the graduation. But for some reason the colors I didn’t mix in with the white all leaked and made a big mess. Mostly it was the greens and one pink. But overall I’m really glad to have my own customized EXO LOGO jacket~

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