How to Paint On Mirror or Glass

I learned glass painting in 7th grade, to be honest I think that was the only time any of my art teachers actually cared for the class, usually it was like a free period and no one cared for art.
Anyway since then I’ve actually made a lot of paintings but lately I’ve tried painting on mirrors which is harder yet more aesthetic

I’ve loved patterns in any form, I learned a lot from my history of art classes so I’ve been dabbling in that art form, though I also like to mix modern styles and customized things too, and these are some of my recent work~

For the left one (and the silver one) I used a glass liner while the right one I switched it up and used a glass pen because while the glass liner gives depth and texture the pen is easier to control.

The left one took me more than a week while the right one took half the time. Though right now I’m trying yet another technique by using acrylics.

I also want to try painting on denim jackets, the glass/mirror surfaces are really hard on my wrist plus the reflection. but the fabric and the freedom to use a table would make the jackets easier and more comfortable to play with.

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