About Us

The SM is for my initials, lilac is one of my favorite colors (and sometimes nickname), and of course the design is because I’m a designer.

Be All You Want To Be. I have so many dreams and talents and I want to experience and develop all sides, because doing one thing for too long can get boring.




I’m an interior designer, ie I got my degree in that. As a homebody I always felt like our house needs to reflect our personality just like clothes. It’s our comfort space so why not pay attention, mix colors and details to make a home we feel happy in. Since a young age even my mother played along with me and let me help in the decoration that it became a passion of mine.


I learned how to sew in 3rd grade and I would take any piece of fabric around the house to make clothes for my dolls. As I grew up I also didn’t like the generic outfits sold in shops so again I took out my sketchbook and start designing my own clothes.

I learned how to use the sewing machine in my late teens and I made a few +A skirts, though I admit I didn’t dare to make anything more structural like a top or full dress






I love stories, I love books and I love tv shows, movies and more specifically Korean dramas. I practically taught myself English by watching subtitled tv shows and by reading book after book. Now I’m aiming at mastering Korean better, but that’s a full journey.