Beauty Review: BANILA CO Dear Hydration Boosting Cream

I 1st got a sample of this when a friend came back from Korea, and I loved it so much that I bought it from amazon.

When I 1st used the sample, everyone around me asked what is my secret, it made my skin plump and fresh~

My beauty routine is simple, as long as my skin is hydrated everything is perfect, and this did more than that.

It makes my skin look soft, moist without being greasy and clear.

Using a small dab on your finger tips is enough, putting too much can give the opposite effect and make your skin feel suffocated.

I also really love the after effect texture and the mild rosy like smell. It’s perfect to use before bed once a day, it’s so low maintenance, that’s why I love it.


I didn’t even know Taeyeon was their model but I have to say their official site does not seem international user friendly, though I opened their main page easily, when I found the product that page was stuck on loading.



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