great characters horrible mystery

I was a huge fan of this but after ep12 I was severely disappointed. if this tried to be more like Nobody Knows (ie if they told us “this is the villain(s), it’s not a surprise”) then this would’ve been a 10/10 BUT, it’s like the writer was desperate to “outsmart” the viewers, they had so many red herrings (which I didn’t mind) and worse the never ending twists that were so predictable..

now to the spoiler part, there was this scene in The Neighborhood where the 3 guys find a mystery novel that didn’t have an ending so they went to the writer and he told them “it’s the butler” ie the most obvious not obvious answer, and those 3 didn’t like it cuz each of them had their own “villain” and by the end they wrote that all 3 villains killed, so basically long story short that’s what happened here
Jin Mook was “the butler”, though I do admit till his revelation everything was perfect, he was such an obvious “no way it can’t be him” that it was a good “twist” but then things started to get messy

now I never suspected our two mains, and I loved how both were the “anti hero” type, it created a beautiful and unique parring (usually it’s good cop/bad cop), and those this drama felt perfect but

we go back to the three idiots and the 4th suspected that we end up with 5 people involved in the murder, and 4 atleast personally hurt her, that’s TOO MUCH. and zero twist. from the start DongWon kept mentioning all villager names saying who is is it all, and it was all…..
one hurt her, one hit her with his car, another hit her with his car (how many drunk drivers do they need) and the 4th finished it off while the 5th made her son think he killed her while she knew the 1st person was the evil guy…

soo, where did it go wrong? making Joo Won’s dad involved so he has a breakdown? making Dong Shik’s closest friends involved? killing his sister, “niece” and boss?
I say all of the above. maybe not much of the last part, they had a serial killer, a corrupt cop, a business dude and a politician… and they always had to go out and eat together while nagging on and on and on…
in Nobody Knows there was the big rich evil guy and his minions and it was such a great show. sometimes the chase is better than the revelation

so basically, the writer gets a -10 and the actors saved this drama, I also loved the ost and I never rewatch stuff


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