Drama Review: Birthcare Center

Best Drama of 2020❣

what I love about this is how layered the characters are;

Oh Hyun Jin was a total dream 21st century career boss lady, she was in control and composed but as she entered the the mysterious momhood everything changed for her, she wasn’t as confident, she didn’t know anything and she was scared which just proves, being “smart” doesn’t make you a natural know it all

Jo Eun Jung was the opposite, she was a stay at home mom who took pride in her “natural” and vast knowledge of momhooness, but behind the curtains she was just as clueless and scared as the rest

Lee Roo Da seemed like an arrogant and immature person who didn’t love her kid, but she was just someone who had a different approach on motherhood, and she didn’t want to do things because “other’s do it”

Choi Hye Sook is still a mystery but behind her controlling aura she just wants what’s best for the moms. she was a dream boss and mentor, she was stern but compassionate, old fashioned but accepting

glue stick! my precious glue stick is an acting genius! (and the directors did a great job capturing him), his facial expressions were always a delight

Kim Do Yoon is the most precious husband and father! they were the most inspiring healthiest couple I’ve seen in dramaland. I wonder how big their age gap was xD they were also the best example of a noona romance ;D

the drama has a great sense of humor, I’ve not laughed like that for a long time, especially 1st ep made laugh until I cried xD
on the other hand they deal with alot of realistic postpartum worries and issues, new moms (and dads) deal with alot of new emotions and experiences, plus the surrounding people’s expectations and “advice” can become really suffocating.
you can’t produce enough milk? you’re a bad mom
you want to work again? you’re a bad mom
you gained weight? you’re a bad woman
you’re not magically happy? you’re a bad human
you feel tired from feeding your kid every 3 hours? you’re a disgrace…

on the other hand the husband kinda doesn’t experience those 1st hand, so he’s happy, not tired and tries to encourage his wife or tell her about his day while she can barely hold her own emotions together and he starts thinking he’s a burden..

the drama stayed true to it’s premier, it dealt with alot of worries and burdens surrounding a new mom while also keeping a well timed sense of humor that never failed to make me laugh until I cried. I’ll miss this drama dearly! I really wish s2 happens soon and I wish they keep the same cast, they could all have triplets for all I care, I want them back! TT__TT

the ost was also beautiful and elegant, the setting, the writing, the acting, the directing, everything was perfect❤


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