Drama Review: Black Dog

Since the drama started I compared it to several dramas (like live, misaeng, my mister, just between lovers), not plotwise but the atmosphere. this was healing, relaxing, calming, kinda a in depth story about the other half of highschool dramas, ie the teachers.
for one thing I think it’s really easily relatable, Go Ha Neul was just like any one of us, she was a job seeker that was lost and kinda desperate for that stable job, so everything was new to her, and that could be scary, but she handled it all so admirably~
Bae Ssaem was one of my favorite characters, he was easy going, simple and friendly, he really made everyone feel at ease.
Park Sung Soon was the shield for her team and the kids, she always tried to protect them and do what’s best for them. and with Do Yun Woo’s cool persona, the team felt so diverse and beautiful~
even characters like Kim Yi Boon who seemed like the selfish mean character turned out into a supporting sweet person.

the music was perfect, it fit really well with the atmosphere~


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