Drama Review: Her Private Life

when the pre promotions of this drama started, they used keywords like “mature”, and in romcom world that just means more skinship and a few “Steamy kisses” here and there, so I was skeptical, but no this went beyond that~
both main characters were so smart, levelheaded, understanding, sweet, vulnerable, and yet they were so confident and they never put the other’s needs before themselves.. love is great, but self love is important? love doesn’t mean “devote your whole existence to the other party”?

I’m worried I’ll never watch another “similar” romcom again 😉 this is not “original”, but it’s literally the only acceptable way to deal with cliches… a character driven story…

I’ll just describe the characters a little more…. ryan… he’s confident, maybe even arrogant and cold, but I love that he shows duk mi his “vulnerable” side.. and he doesn’t “push her around”.. he asks, he doesn’t demand.. he apologizes when he’s wrong, and he’s not “above making a mistake”… and you can tell that he still wonders “am I asking too much”, but she doesn’t say no because he isn’t asking for something grand, and she’s just so precious and I LOVE a confident female lead… strong doesn’t equal to mean or a bully, and sweet doesn’t equal to a pushover who cries while apologizing for nothing…
also, his goofy playful side… I LOVE that side~ unlike dominic, he only wants “duk mi” to see that side 😉

I watched this as it aired and till now I haven’t found a better ML, or cuter romance uwu


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