Drama review: Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai

the story was really original, but the execution lacked, it felt rushed, not planned out enough. for one thing the fact that the fl had 2 outfits (even in a flashback from several years ago) and the ml had 1 outfit kinda made it seem low budgeted.

the main idea of rohan’s super power was amazing, the execution on that part and the cgi was also great, and each story was a stand alone that kinda connected each ep, but it wasn’t that well developed. they didn’t have time to add substance to each character though I easily loved the 2 mains, I wished for more connections, more interactions, more backstory ;(

so basically it was too short and too rushed but still great idea~

the outfits, well the fl’s 2 clothes were really really pretty, and for rohan, his head piece felt weird and he should’ve worn tighter pants. and the other manga guy’s outfit just like rohan’s head piece felt too cosplayish. it’s like they walked right out of the manga xD

the acting was great, Takahashi Issei played off the eccentric goofy manga artist with a wast knowledge and a deep secret really well. though I love to see him do more dark dark roles, that doubled feeling felt right for rohan.
Iitoyo Marie too was cute enough to be the bubbly kind and she was kinda clingy but then it came off as uncertain assertiveness that blended well with rohan’s 2 faces and I just liked to ship them ;D

the songs were nice enough, the way each book had a different style was really clever and though I never rewatch things I wish for a 2nd longer seaon


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