DRAMA REVIEW: Love Alarm 2

A cliche that did well

this felt like the writer opened the “big book of cliche” every writer has and tried to color outside the lines

this was more than “who the ml is”, that was never a question, it was just the fans’ desire. the true value of this was the metaphor of love. love is a feeling, a relationship needs work

jojo had feelings for sunho but she got too scared, it was overwhelming for her so she ran away, the moment she got the shield her heart felt safe, people didn’t have the upper hand on her, they couldn’t judge her for her feelings. sunho was burdensome for her

I feel like that’s how I usually see the typical “rich guy, poor sad lonely girl” dynamic. sunho was too dominate, he always screamed and demanded attention. he went head 1st without looking at the people around him. he kissed jojo when he knew his best friend liked her, he kissed jojo again when he knew she was dating his ex friend, and he never did that to show his affection, he wanted to see how she’d react

Hye Young was at times too supportive that it was a burden of it’s own. he was almost nearing a doormat level, but he also took a step back when he got hurt, and he went after her again becasue he wanted to even when she told him to wait. and I think that balanced him out

to the shallow bitter people, even though sunho wasn’t a 1st main, he still had his own love line and I’m happy for that, usually 2nd leads are mistreated..

sunho lost his love become he was too aggressive and he lost his friend becasue he never looked at them, he also lost the only (figuratively) girl that liked him even though he mistreated her too, but I’m so glad he learned that love isn’t just a burst of feeling.
love is working for a compromise, love is waiting and understanding, love isn’t at 1st sight, love doesn’t stay if it’s not taken care of.

I’m so sure jojo and sunho would’ve had a worse ending if they stayed together, he always wanted her attention he didn’t try to pay attention to her. she was just something he wanted that was taken away from him…
I also didn’t like all the tragic pasts and the parents, but as I said it was as if the writer was working from a book of cliches, that’s why s1 sucked xD

anyway I liked this more than the 1st season and I think by now we should learn, kdramas will never stray away from the 1st ml, and Hye Young is the 1st ml

I also liked the length, the ost and the aesthetics. I didn’t mind the ep length when the “dragginess” was to show us pretty scenes.


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