Drama Review: Money Game

The business part of this drama is kinda heavy and a foreign subject to me, but ever since the 1st ep I compared the terminology of this to a medical drama; they have their own acronyms and dynamics that I know zero things about, so that shouldn’t stop others from watching them.

It shouldn’t be a spoiler to say that there’s murder and suspense in this drama. now it’s not the main focus of this and they don’t try to investigate, but that tension adds alot to the structure of the story..
the simple version of the story is “power struggle”, good vs bad, greed, and the basic “they are trying to steal our money”..

that tension and the characters are what made me stay, I honestly love how layered and realistic the characters are, Lee Hye Joon is the most level headed normal female lead in dramaworld.

Lee Sung Min is honestly such an amazing actor! I mean maybe korea always knew/admit that, but in some ways I feel like he’s underrated or maybe he just focuses more on movies. but his character here was just so beautiful.
it’s like the events of this drama didn’t just randomly taint him, and I feel like that happens alot of characters like him, they are like driven by hate/evilness…
basically, no one was the “bad” guy, no one was evil, but also no one was pure good/righteous. they were just people driven by their background. their past made them who they were and that just means the writers did a really great job making them. I first gave the story a 8.5 becasue the business aspects were lost on me, but the characters actions and words/dialog made me change it.

and yes, Eugene Han.. rather than saying he’s the reason I continued this drama, I prefer to say “he was the cherry on top”. he’s such an intriguing character, and I’ll only say this as a fangirl, but he is the cutest xD

also, the pace of this drama is actually really nice, like by ep12 usually most dramas go downhill, but here it actually feels like a solid 12eps have passed and we have enough time for the rest of the story. it doesn’t feel draggy or rushed.

and I’d actually either love a 2nd season, one episode of romance based plot with these characters, or a romance drama written by these writers. honestly, if only they focus on their characters in a romance genre instead of following the usual patterns xD

the ost of this drama is gold! I mean they have Elaine singing the main song so~
I rarely rewatch things, but I kinda have a nostalgic feel about this, I miss the characters so I might rewatch it one day xD


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