I think one thing people should keep in mind before starting this is that this is not the typical fast paced crime drama. their main objective was not finding clues each week or having episodic stand alone crimes that distract them from the main “guy” until the last ep. it was not a competition between the good vs the bad, it was not a chase.

everything in this drama revolved around each other, everything was somewhat connected, one thing led to another and slowly they’d reveal the big picture inside the big picture.

Cha Young Jin is one of my favorite characters, not just as a female. she was the best detective I’ve ever seen. the past trauma didn’t make her cold, reserved and jaded. she was a human. she cried, she smiled, she listened, she empathized, she admitted her mistakes and she asked for help when she had to.
most crime show detectives are the complete opposite that they just feel robotic, plus 99% of them blend into one giant cold lone wolf with anger issues 😉
she was kinda too skinny, but I think she had great technique during her fight scenes that made it believable (and so hot), I mean bones are sharp and strong enough to hurt right? xD
also, she has ruined every crime drama male lead out there, no one will be able to surpass her. *cue My Sassy Girl ost*

Lee Sun Woo, our “male lead” had the opposite role from our active detective. he was a teacher so of course he couldn’t investigate, and in some ways he took the role that is usually thrown at women in crime dramas, he had to stand in the side lines waiting like everyone else.
but he was still a great guy. he learned from his mistakes and he genuinely cared for his students and he came out of this a better man.

Go Eun Ho was just SUNSHINE! and the glue that stuck this drama together, the “core” of this drama.
also the detective team were awesome, each member was unique, though I wish they gave them a little more screentime ;(

Baek Sang Ho… he was so intriguing… he was such a complex character. he “saved” people by exploiting/healing their biggest scar, and then he used them dry.. the ending of this drama and their team was so so sad and heartbreaking, and his laughs were chilling.

usually, without spoiling anything, I hate crime drama endings becasue everyone just dies and the rest simply move on. but this was such a satisfactory well rounded ending I couldn’t help but cry for Baek Sang Ho’s end..

the ost was beautiful and rather than rewatching I hope for a second season, but this was the 1st crime drama I enjoyed in almost 4 or 2 years that I might actually rewatch it again knowing what I know now


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