DRAMA REVIEW: Squid Game (Honest And Unbiased: It’s Overhyped)

ironic, symbolic, nittygritty and overboard

the acting here was great, Jung Ho Yeon as a rookie was a great addition, I’ll look forward to her upcoming work

tbh, the games were simple, though it looks good on paper, it actually was boring. I get the irony of making people kill or be killed with child games, but having seen things like The Genius, The Hunger games and Saw, the child games were, child games

Their “twists” as well were meh. I did see behind the black mask right away, though there were a few “oh” moments even when the expected happened but it still made me “oh”

like the final 2 deaths.. tbh it seems unfit for people who joined a game to cold heartedly kill others, end up killing themselves so close to the end
I actually thought Sang Woo was going to try and kill Gi Hoon again

The old man, lol right until I saw his name on the last card I was wondering why not only an old man went in, but why make an old man character. to gain sympathy on the ml. to hurt him when the old guy does?
sadly that was what Sae Byeok was about ;(

this was not revolutionary or even that entertaining but still it was somewhat “different”, not that different from Alice in Borderland, Saw and Hunger Games but it felt new enough
I wouldn’t mind watching a 2nd season though I mean what can 1 dude do against an army of rich people with an even bigger army of gunners

I did enjoy the cameos, I feel like usually “big” names like to either go in for a short guest role for funnies or well not give up a main role, but Lee Byung Hun and Gong Yoo were somewhat key characters . though I wonder if LBH actually played the whole thing or did he just come during the reveals xD

ALSO, what happened to poor joonho! and his messages?!

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