Drama Review: XX

I always say webdramas have the best most realistic relationships~ if this was a romcom, it’d have had a useless love triangle with female characters that couldn’t speak up for themselves..
but this had everything:

  • a slow natural “friends to lover” relationship.
  • no cliches, or better yet realistic twists to the cliches (like the girl “rivalry”)
  • a normal 2nd ml that didn’t secretly love the fl
  • a cute friendship
  • female power
  • dimples everywhere!
  • a male lead that apologized and didn’t over step his boundaries, ie a real “nice” male lead
  • girls taking care of their own “problems”
  • and the best part, the nice healing plot development~
    I kinda wish it was longer though ;(

the acting was really good too, Hani did a great job  I really wish to see her in this type of roles more often, and the ost highlighted the strong female characters well, it was Sunmi after all~



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