The modern twist on cruella de vil was a fun summer watch. The visuals were amazing, the pace was well balanced and best of all the fashion was beautiful.

Now plot-wise, what’s wrong with writers? Why is birth secret a big twist these days. Every hero’s enemy turns out to be their parent, it’s not korean makjang so why do they choose such a basic plot line?

Right from the start when her mother died I knew where it was going, because they practically spelled it out, “don’t you want to take back what’s yours”..

I wish they were just two random rivals and I wish there was more depth in all of the characters. cruella de vil’s minions were basic. Sure familial bonds and all of that, but with the way she treated them, they should’ve left her long ago.

And though her fashion was cool and edgy, it felt like something out of the Hunger Games.

Something American movies and tv shows miss out big time on is having great OSTs. Korean OSTs are full of new and original songs, but with American shows it’s barely one or two songs mixed with already existing music.

Overall it was a glorified attempted to make people emphasize with our childhood’s worst villain.


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