MOVIE REVIEW: Double Patty

the story was about 2 people in same yet different struggles, Woo Ram lost his mentor so he lost his hold on his dream, Hyun Ji as a normal graduate was trying to fight against the other candidates to get a job

and in that moment they met, awkwardly yet naturally interacted, he kept going to her workplace and she kept looking forward to his visits and with that love bloomed

I think both actor’s did a great job with their characters, they were both soft and careful, as a girl with only a father and as a maknae in a 5 child house hold they both just naturally felt timid

And as Irene’s acting debut she chose well, I just wish the movie developed enough to see her cute playful side more.

now though if they gave them more depth and time to develop the romance I think Hyun Ji would’ve shown a cute cheeky side and soon Woo Ram would’ve lightened up and they’d have had more potential at a sweet romance

now the drawback was the unevenfulness. nothing much happened and soon they were super comfortable with each other and that lost their biggest asset which was the sweetness and the youthfulness of the 2 mains.
the struggles were shallow and the sadness was fleeting but overall for a 1 hour 40min it was a nice breezy watch


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