MOVIE REVIEW: New Year Blues

the thing I appreciated the most was the diversity. they had 2 couple who already knew each other and 2 that “met” as the movie started. one was divorced, one was in an abusive relationship, one left the country cuz of the work stress, one left the country over a heartbreak, one was in a interracial relationship, one was disabled, one was raised outside the country, 2 had stubble❣ and so it gave a nice worldwide view of things.

people are different and that’s what makes us all shine.

I didn’t appreciate the meeting between Lee Jae Heon and Min Jin Ah, kwriters always think they need to bicker before falling in love and 2 seconds later LJH turned out to be a sweet person. Kang Ji Ho and Lee Hyo Young also started that way but it was more understandable cuz KJH was the “rough” ragged yet clumsy type while LHY was more head strong.

the things I loved
the google translator scene between Chen Du Ling and Yeom Hye Ran xD
the “accidental” eavesdropping between Han Oh Wol and Kim Rae Hwan, kdramas never use eavesdropping for good xD
Han Oh Wol and Kim Rae Hwan was really really sweet I wish it was longer ;(
the ending between Kang Ji Ho and Lee Hyo Young
Kim Kang Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok in stubble❤❤❤❤
the smooth transitions between characters at times, like they all “knew” each other but they weren’t friends or anything

the things I didn’t like
it had too many couple too little time
some of the “tension” and conflict was boring
the bickering
it was too short ;(


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