MOVIE REVIEW: Space Sweepers

it should’ve been Captain Jang focused

this was like a westernized korean movie, or a koreanized western movie?
the cast was so “diverse” that the only koreans were the 5 mains with 2 “guest roles” and so it felt like the mixed A listers with C listers and they lost alot of substance by casting “basic” foreigners.
though in some ways I did appreciate the “inclusivity”, man I wish I knew/tried to audition as Pierre or the cop Kim Taeri threatened ;D

Storywise it was pretty basic too, they went with the -cheap- easy way out and chose a really simple “heartwarming” approach by adding a kid and tbh I am a sucker for adorable babies that need protection which leads to familymance, but the backstory for Tae Ho really ruined it.
I don’t know how they tried to make him seem like a hero when he was a horrible person.
he used to kill people for UTS until he met the baby he adopted but he lost all of his money and statues and he turned into a drunken gambler. he even mistreated his daughter to the point he pushed her away to her death. (and before that he took her with him to his gambling business) and from that I really didn’t care for him anymore and his affection for
Kot Nim seemed like a cheap attempted to redo his lost “dadness”

now for the good:
uncle tiger was the real hero and “unexpected” sweety. honestly between him and taeoh, he was enough.

Captain Jang was EVERYTHING! not just because I love kim taeri but again she was another “element” they tried to replicate in taeoh which was the “cold” doesn’t give a sh*t but is secretly a soft UWU and a dangerous killer they needed.
I so so so wish the “main” storyline was about her! they robbed us of a great backstory and the best “momance”! like why did she try to kill UTS’s boss? how did it really work out? who was she working with? there was so many unanswered questions ;(

Bubs was a cutie and again what was her relationship with captain jang? cuz when bubs was dying captain jang tried really hard to save her and the end face was a dream “casting ship” between kim taeri and Kim Hyang Gi whom I think really look alike (which again goes back to what was their relationship, why did they “look” like sisters)

Kot Nim was an unexpected surprise for me, I really didn’t know what the main plot was about until I watched it xD but as soon as I did I knew EVERYTHING that was going to happen and that’s how shallow it was

I watched this with my mom as it aired, so since I knew nothing I theorized with her and I really said Dorothy is the reason Mars is green and UTS lied that she’s a bomb and wants to destroy her so earth isn’t revived. and that was literally it… that was all clear as soon as she showed up in their ship, though their 1st meeting was funny and cute it was too obvious..

no need to talk about the great cinematography or the CGI, it was obviously amazing and way better than American movies. and the plot too tbh was better than the avengers so I don’t want to be too critical about the shallowness of the plot 😉

and actually a rewatch is a must cuz one can focus more on captain Jang 😉

Kim Taeri

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