Movie Review: The 8th Night

I thought based on the 1st scene this would be scary but I was disappointed.. it wasn’t even gory it was eye roll worthy..

Lee Sung Min is an amazing actor and his scenes with Nam Da Reum were sweet and touching, but that was mainly just based on their acting, the writer/director gave them nothing to work with.. actors need their dialog… And I wish they gave Kim Yoo Jung more screen time.

I’m also disappointed at productions labeling anyone a lead. a main lead is someone with a backstory, emotions, thoughts and personality.
the detective was just someone after a killer, he didn’t even have common sense. Ae Ran was suddenly revealed to be a ghost, they didn’t let her show her torment and Cheong Seok though he had the most scenes but again not much personality is labeled as lower in “ranks”. when in reality calling Park Jin Soo a main is pushing it.

I wish at least the characters had more substance!. these days the writers’ think “tragic past/connection” is the key for emotinal scenes but it still needs a development for it to work! 10 x 0 is still a 0
for almost an hour and a half no one really talked or even did anything, they just walked, went to eat then walked… and don’t get me started on the horror! I can’t take horror and I even laughed at a couple of those scenes, creepy eyes and dark clouds are scary.. there was no thrill, no action.. honestly the ending too, they tried to pretend they were “saving” the characters from their torments but it was just another clip and it all ended too abruptly. Did they all just die..

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