Movie REVIEW: Waiting For Rain

1st love, especially at 11-13, or even waiting for “love” is like online shopping. you look at the picture, you imagine yourself wearing that dress, you are in love so you order it but it’s international shipping so you need to wait atleast 2 weeks so you anticipate it daily.
then it arrives, you feel happy, open the package and try it on, it is indeed beautiful. but that’s it, you take it off and put it in the closest. the “love” was that journey alone.

with 1st love, you are in love with the image. there’s no guaranty you can live with the same outfit you saw once online! I mean, you can’t be sure the person of your imagination is a real enough person to connect with.
Young Ho had no control in his life so he grabbed at the only thing that made him happy, that one random encounter when he was 12.
he knew atleast he could “control” that, he could take the steps to find her, she’d be his happiness and light.

and when he did find her, they talked, but he also met an actual living existence in front of him. someone real he could talk eye to eye, someone who’d answer back right away, someone who liked him 1st but he didn’t know if he’d like her back when he already had the sure set “1st love” talking to him.
kang sora was that consent insta dress ad that keeps following you around. it looks beautiful but would it make you happy as the one you already ordered?

Overall I was more interested in his umbrella business and even his journey in japan. When I googled “drawings on umbrellas” I got nothing so I’m really curious how it works, I feel like even with fabric paint it’s really risky to draw on the outer layer where all the water keeps falling on.

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