Movie Review: You’re So Precious to Me

that little girl carried this whole movie! jingoo of course did a great job but the little smiles, the pouts and the tears of that baby were so PRECIOUS!
I don’t usually applaud the directors but the credit does go to the directors here too. they captured the emotions so well. whenever they zoomed in on her precious little hand trying to find her way, her little precious breathing sounds, the subtle signs of connection between them and the way she gradually opened up and they became a “family”, it was all just so beautiful! TT_TT

these kinds of plots happened often. “cold” tortured guy who’s after money and the precious lost baby and that can be a cheap plot move, but here the vulnerability of them was so loud and clear here
Jae Shik had nothing in his life and Eun Hye had no one, though the money seemed to spark Jae Shik’s motivation, from the moment he saw her it was like he saw himself, lost and alone that he couldn’t leave her

the journey starts simple, he wants to pretend she’s his daughter but the plot moves right away when he finds out she has nothing he can take so he again looks for another option which leads to a different tone of journey when they go to the country side to search for her mother’s aunt, and that kinda turns into a cute little camping trip where they meet new people on the way

the movie did end with alot of questions unanswered, I mean he did kinda “kidnap” her, just because she had no one to report her didn’t change it.
though they did show that scene with the dad that implied he really didn’t want her and was “selling” her away to Jae Shik, I’m even surprised he could walk into the orphanage and give her away when he had no legal right on her.

in the end, with the subtle hints of romance with Yeon Joo and the youtube vid, I like to think their bond touched people and they help them out and they might even start a movement to get her illness more noticed. that scene where the center’s principle was so ditched on the subject of “she can take classes for deaf and blind courses” and he was like but she can’t see or hear! and that lady didn’t even try to come up with a solution (or ask when his relationship with her was xD)

this is the most wholesome movie I watched in a long time❣ I went in with no expectations, I mean movies with kids are usually heartwarming and this was so emotinal TT_TT

but all in all, I cried, I smiled and I CRIED at that ending scene ;( I wanted more

that little baby looks so much like Kim Hae Sook xD

my favorite parts were, the rain scene! how sweet was that!, when he grabbed her hand! when she smiled knowing his back home but then pouted when he didn’t show her that he’s home uwu and her crying scene was 100000%

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