TV REVIEW: Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer was refreshing, until the end happened. The thing that made the show unique beside the 90s theme was how well balanced and easily distinguished their 3 part timeline was.

One of the best dramas that pulled that off without any confusion is Circle, but usually things like The King: Eternal Monarch make it really hard to know when the time lines switched.

From the 1st ep each timeline had it’s own color filter and hairstyles which I as someone who gets distracted while watching a show really appreciated.

I really appreciated the theme being the aftermath of a kidnapping, usually the cops show up, the lead is saved and it’s over.

Now for the “grand finale” I have to say I’m both impressed and disappointed.

From this point I’ll talk about the end so spoiler alert.

The way it was all resolved in 1 ep, the way it was all a “misunderstanding” really ruined the mood. I was “surprised” when it turned out she walked in on her own, and how she was actually happy most of the time, but it just felt a kdrama level of plot line to just say “whoops, we should’ve talked it out”.

The truth was revealed, people were forgiven and boom, a dramatic American style ending, it was all a lie. Well part of it was because American tv just loves to show how the “innocent” hero is not really innocent..

It’s like I mentioned in my review of Recalled, is it really shocking to show the truth we thought was real turns out to be fake? Are crime and mystery genres just old news? I’ll continue to watch and drop till I find the answers.

Overall I did appreciate the change especially since kdrama crime genres are boring, but it was at best an 8 and I’ll watch the second season.


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